Game Controls

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Keyboard, Mouse and Xbox Controller Button Commands

Keyboard - Bike Mode

  • Space - Simulates smart trainer input up to 300 watts

  • Mouse Left Button - Look around your character, releasing the button returns the camera to the default position

  • Escape - Opens the exit game menu Note: Settings changes are not currently saved at this time. Any changes you make will revert back to the original settings after you have restarted the game.

Keyboard - First-Person Mode

  • W - Walk forward

  • S - Walk backwards

  • A - Strafe left

  • D - Strafe right

  • Left Shift - Run while moving forward with W

  • Space - Jump

  • Mouse - Look around and point in the direction you want to move.


Xbox Controller - Bike Mode

  • Left Trigger - Simulates smart trainer input up to 300 watts

  • Right Stick - Look around your character, camera will stay wherever you move it to.

  • X - Change your direction while in fitness mode.

  • B - Opens the Exit game menu

  • A - Jump

  • D-Pad Up - Select next game mode

  • D-Pad Left - Select next avatar for the active game mode

  • D-Pad Right - Select previous avatar for the active game mode

Xbox Controller - First-Person Mode

  • Left Stick - Move forward, backward and side-to-side

  • Right Stick - Look around

  • Left Trigger - Run while moving

  • A - Jump


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